Annual Concerto Competition

Concerto Competition 2014

The date for the Strings, Wind, Brass and Percussion Concerto Competition will be announced in the fall of 2013.

Competition location and schedule will be announced in January 2014.

lick here (Concerto Competition Audition Form) and make your own print out.

Forms must be returned no later than Monday, January 20, 2014.  Please staple to your form a $25 audition fee. No form will be accepted without payment.

Important information for YSDP Concerto Competition

There is a $25 competition fee.  You will not be given an audition time until your fee has been paid and your form has been filled out and turned in.

All selections must be memorized.

You must provide your own piano accompanist to the audition

MOST IMPORTANT:  Before you begin rehearsing and memorizing, please receive prior approval from your Preparatory or Symphony conductor.  ASAP, please send your Music and Composer name to and put “”Your Name” – Concerto Competition” in the subject header.  You will be notified if your music selection has been approved or if more information is requested.

To Symphony Members:  Orchestral accompaniments must be easily accessible and affordable for rental purposes should you be chosen to perform with the Symphony Orchestra during the May Concert.  PLEASE reserch and inform YSDP of the cost and availability of your music selectioin before receiving approval.  Discuss with your private teacher on where / how to get access to the orchestral accompaniment parts.

You must play complete movements of pieces. Appropriate cuts may be used if piece is too long. Only one movement can be used for the audition.

Selected winners from Preparatory will perform during the May Concert with their accompanist.

Selected winners from the Symphony will perform during the May Concert with the Symphony Orchestra.

Judges will determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd placements in each division. Honorable mentions may also be given.

Judges may opt not to give 1st places out if they feel certain criteria and standards have not been met.

The YSDP Music Director has final say as to which placement winners in both divisions and orchestras perform on the May Concert.

NOTE TO PAST WINNERS:  If you have won 1st in the Preparatory, and are now in Symphony, you must wait one year before auditioning at the Symphony level. Once you have received 1st place at the Symphony level, you must wait one year before auditioning again.